Once Upon a Time and Once Again, It’s A Labor of Love.

“A Labor of Love” began on Labor Day, 1988, and was, indeed, a labor of love. Performers from Broadway, Hollywood, and throughout our area gathered in Columbia, MD to sing, dance, and entertain to raise money for the Emergency Fund of AIDS Alliance of Howard County. For our Silver Anniversary, we are once again gathering at Howard Community College’s Smith Theater on Monday evening, Dec. 2, for a “Cabaret,” directed by Carole Graham Lehan, and what a show it promises to be! Among the talent invited are Robin Baxter, a fabulous singer who has performed on Broadway, most recently “Mama Mia,” and her talented pianist friend, Rob Bowman, whose last gig was playing for Elaine Stritch. Howard County’s own Ric Ryder returns from his New York City home to sing for his family, friends, and many fans. Megan Lawrence, Betsy True – both performed in “Les Miz” on Broadway – plus so many others who have been part of “A Labor of Love” in the past. Tico Wells, the Choir Boy of “The Five Heartbeats” film is flying from Hollywood to join the talent. I’m hoping that Shep (Jeffrys) and Judi (Gavrella De Boer) will reunite on stage that evening for a rendition of “Fiddler on the Roof.”

Look for information on all these Broadway gypsies and more at LaborOfLoveSilver.wordpress.com. For tickets go to ALaborOfLove.eventbrite.com.

 — Carolyn Kelemen


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